Gimmal Intranet & Portals

Delivering a quality intranet or departmental portal is challenging with an already-stretched IT staff, and going outside for help can be expensive and unreliable.

Gimmal Intranet & Portals enables you to deploy an enterprise intranet, departmental portals, and collaboration sites that users love more quickly and at lower cost. With automation features that take the pain out of information policy enforcement and self-service capabilities that empower users, Gimmal Intranet & Portals minimizes demands on IT and ensures proper governance of content.


Deliver engaging sites that make it easy for employees to find what they need

Engage your global and mobile workforces with appealing, intuitive, and responsive portals. Site builder tools help you quickly and easily configure sites that provide simpler navigation, more personalized display of information, a more consistent search experience, and timely access to relevant information. Improve productivity and empower workers to consistently deliver high-quality results


Reduce deployment times from months to minutes

Quickly provision sites without the need for costly custom code or hours of manual configuration. Establish standards and boundaries for branding, look and feel, navigation, search, and more to ensure consistency and supportability while reducing the occurrence of rogue sites. This lets you make the most of your IT resources. You can easily add new sites as needed in a consistent and controlled fashion.


Take the pain out of enforcing information policy with built-in governance

Users can comply with information policy without extra effort. Drop zones permit users to quickly complete the upload of single or multiple files from anywhere on a site, and metadata is entered automatically based on centrally configured rules.

With consistently tagged content, users more readily find what they need when they need it.