SAP and SharePoint Interoperability

Gimmal Workplace for SAP unlocks and unifies content, data, and processes created or utilised by SAP and SharePoint.

Allow users inside and outside of SAP to collaborate and work on the same document-centric processes. Connect SAP and SharePoint at the content level, the data level, and the workflow level, putting critical business information right where people work.


Improve collaboration and productivity

With Gimmal Workplace for SAP, documents can be made accessible via SAP and via SharePoint/Office 365, as opposed to being limited to only SAP users. Use existing, pervasive platforms to merge and deliver transactional information with supporting documents to simplify business processes with a highly intuitive user experience. Find documents through searchable metadata to improve efficiency.

By managing documents using SharePoint or Office 365 as your SAP enterprise content management (ECM) platform, you will improve information governance, compliance, and SAP performance. Workplace for SAP also improves processes by removing the risk associated with storing documents in SAP, which SAP acknowledges is not suitable for long term storage.

Increase speed to value

Deliver process optimizations more quickly by providing SharePoint administrators and developers with access to SAP content, data, and processes. Improve IT agility and provide increased responsiveness to constantly changing business needs. Leverage existing architecture, tools, and resources to gain the ability to configure solutions instead of needing to custom develop them using SAP’s BAPI protocol. With SAP-certified integrations, you will avoid unforeseen bugs and delays. Testing and QA cycles will be reduced by extracting subsets from SAP.

Reduce total cost of SAP ownership

Workplace for SAP increases content availability through multiple delivery channels and improves SAP system performance by allowing you to reduce the size of the HANA database by as much as 30-40%. Leveraging Microsoft’s cost-effective Azure/Office 365 storage for documents provides significant storage cost savings.

At the same time, Workplace for SAP also reduces costs associated with training and upgrades, and reduces development costs and technical debts associated with customisations. High availability, replication, distribution, and disaster recovery are available via Microsoft Cloud.

Extend business process optimisation capabilities to SAP with Nintex Gimmal Action Packs

Gimmal Workplace for SAP is the only solution built exclusively for Microsoft/Office 365 that addresses business process interoperability needs encompassing content, data, and workflows from within a single platform. Partnered with Nintex, it gains unprecedented ease of use.

Gimmal Nintex Action Packs extend the Workplace for SAP platform to provide out-of-the-box workflow activities for specific SAP business scenarios, allowing Nintex customers and partners to leverage the familiar Nintex Designer to incorporate SAP content management, data read/writes, document handling workflows, and transactional workflows in their Nintex driven process automations.