Culture Change

The business world has seen change where competitive advantages increasingly arise from the continuous acquisition of knowledge.

The constant growth of information and level of interconnection to data and each other will increase and continually provide businesses with challenges. How to embrace new technologies and ways of working to remain competitive but also manage the cultural change for their information workers.

Having the experience of implementation projects where new technology has transformed the workplace, we know how to manage ICT culture change and how to control the impact it has.

People04Awareness, communication, involvement and engagement will all go towards the successful adoption of your new technology before it is released on your IT and non-IT workers.

  • Tell them what’s coming. Ask for feedback. Allow hands on pre-production involvement.
  • Take the time and effort needed to get to the people requirements not just the process requirements.
  • Encourage debate and look for success stories from others.

People02Along with any new technology or culture change training is a must. To not provide training is a false economy.

If after spending a substantial amount of budget on improving the efficiency and performance of information systems you are not going to realise the benefits unless your information workers are trained to use the systems effectively.

OfficeLabs have been writing and delivering training courses, materials and events for over 15 years. We know the value of training.

Training is essential because:

  • You will avoid user mistakes
  • Your employees feel valued
  • You will see higher productivity
  • You will have lower support costs

designDesign is an essential part of user adoption – the tools have to look modern and dynamic to be engaging. Microsoft has developed a comprehensive design structure for creating branded SharePoint sites. We leverage those capabilities to deliver a responsive and usable interface that is proven to increase user adoption and retention.



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