Graham Bidwell OfficeLabs About us

What we do

OfficeLabs is an IT solutions provider with a consultancy approach.

We are experts in cloud-based solutions that deliver automation and improve productivity. Established in 2012, OfficeLabs will provide your business with over a decade of expertise and experience in creating and implementing accuracy, collaboration, and productivity solutions.

As a Microsoft Solutions partner in Modern Work and Digital & App Innovation, OfficeLabs has earned a specialisation in Adoption and Change Management. Our accreditations with industry leaders like Adobe, DocuSign, and Gimmal, coupled with our Cyber Essentials Plus security status, highlight our commitment to providing quality solutions.

We can design, build, deploy, migrate, and provide training for a range of business-critical solutions including:

  • Information Management – enabling you to consolidate legacy and create new digital documents and data, share it appropriately and show value.

  • Productivity – reducing manual effort through automation so everyone can focus on doing their roles .

  • Collaboration – so individuals and teams can work efficiently together for better outcomes. 

Our Story

In the early days of large-scale technology, enterprise organisations had exclusive access to advanced, enterprise-grade tools. Then came a game-changer: Cloud computing. The advent of cloud-based subscription models for software tools revolutionised the business landscape, democratising access to cutting-edge technologies.

OfficeLabs was founded from this seismic shift. We recognised the urgent need for businesses of every shape and size to navigate and embrace these new cloud technologies, not just at a technical level but also in their business practices.

Our specialty lies in enhancing business performance by seamlessly integrating technology with organisational practices. We are committed to reinforcing proven business practices while also mapping the way for the adoption of innovative ones. This mission is achieved through the strategic application of technology, meticulously designed to refine, and elevate organisational behaviours and processes.

Our approach is meticulously tailored. We ensure that the technology solutions we implement are perfectly aligned with each company’s operational goals. By doing this, OfficeLabs empowers organisations to streamline their processes, boost efficiency, and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Our Values

Meticulous digital craftsmanship

Forward-thinking innovation

People-centric approach

What do we believe

We believe with the right support, everyone can achieve more.

Our human-centred approach in collaboration and guiding businesses through transformation is a testament to this belief. Our team possesses significant technical and commercial experience, maintaining successful, long-term relationships with public and private sector organisations.

We are committed to helping clients navigate the challenges facing their business, ensuring they receive comprehensive training to fully understand and utilise our solutions.

Everyone can grow

Our strength in building the best solutions for customers, relies on our vast knowledge to understand business needs and the people behind them. We anticipate problems that may occur and utilise our skills to solve them. We believe with the right support, everyone can achieve more.

We are still human

Technology changes rapidly, but people do not. We believe everyone deserves help to learn the ‘new’ and the ‘next’. Understanding the person creates a bond to progress and thrive. Teamwork and relationship strength is what sets us apart from the rest.

Be different

Follow the path that allows your passion to grow, not the path lead by others.

Who we have helped

Read our recent case studies and understand how we have helped other businesses succeed 

Explore our case studies to see how we have helped businesses like yours succeed. OfficeLabs ensures compliance, governance, and security in providing scalable solutions for modern work environments. We are on the G-Cloud Framework and have delivered solutions for enterprises, government, the MoD, education, and charities.

Whether you are looking for a SharePoint, Power Platform, or Dynamics CRM implementation, OfficeLabs can deliver solutions that provide you with exceptional ROI, delivered to the highest standards. Let us know what you want to achieve – and we will provide the solution, in plain, simple terms. Look at our Services, Microsoft Solutions, and Other Solutions to see how we can help your organisation and at our Case Studies that show how we have helped others.

If you are a reseller or MSP who is looking for help in building Microsoft Modern Work solutions for your customers, review our offering here.