Information Management Tools
Redmond, USA

OfficeLabs are a Microsoft Partner and we specialise in Office 365 and Sharepoint consultancy, migrations, development, Intranets and Portal deployments. We have a proven track record of helping enterprise organisations to use Microsoft software to manage information and streamline business processes.

Gimmal LLC

Information Management & Governance Tools
Houston, USA

Thanks to a strong partnership with Gimmal LLC, a North American company, OfficeLabs can offer a wide range of SharePoint services and applications that work directly within an out-of-the-box SharePoint environment. From automating site creation to centralising your data quickly and easily, Gimmal’s tools and our expertise in using them provide another reason to choose OfficeLabs. We can make preparation for an audit a simple, streamlined process, rather than a reason to worry. We know that your business is important to you. It’s also important to us. Our technical capability, excellent customer service and innovation in the cloud arena has made us the strategic partner of choice for many public and private sector customers. If you’re looking for a low-risk and high-value cloud platform, delivered by a company who not only knows the field but can explain it to you in terms you understand, OfficeLabs will deliver.


Enterprise Software Solutions
Aliso Viejo, USA

Metalogix Content Matrix from Quest Software is the industry’s most powerful SharePoint and Office 365 migration solution. It provides a one-hop and high-fidelity SharePoint migration with zero downtime and unlimited site and content movement. Perform large scale and complex migrations by distributing migration jobs across multiple different servers at the same time and support customised workload migrations.

IT Champion

Managed IT Services Provider
Exeter, UK

IT Champion have been providing organisations of all shapes and sizes with lightning fast, people focused IT Support and expertise since 2009. They are proud to be recognised as one of the fastest growing IT Support companies in the region. OfficeLabs work closely with IT Champion on shared projects by providing Office 365 and SharePoint information management consultancy and solutions that bring people, technology and information together efficiently.


Business Intelligence
Exeter, UK

Saltare empower organisations to get the most value possible from data and BI technology. Drawing on decades of experience, they specialise in aligning data and BI technology with an organisation’s goals, people and processes, so ensuring that people use the right data to create the right information, in the right way, with the right tools, for the right reasons.

Cloud 20-20

Microsoft Dynamics Specialist
Gloucester, UK

Cloud 20-20 are passionate gurus of Microsoft Dynamics and they love CRM. They enable businesses, organisations and people to achieve tangible benefits through implementing transformation technology. This means they help your business to run smoother, market better, drive sales and maintain customers.

South West Communications

Voice, Data & Internet
Exeter, UK
South West Comms (SWC) offer secure, scalable, cost-effective, and reliable communication solutions. They provide the latest in voice, connectivity, cloud, security and data centre solutions. OfficeLabs were selected to partner with SWC to offer their clients Microsoft SharePoint and Information Management consulting and business solutions.


Traditional & Modern IT Provider
London, UK
64TEQ are an IT provider based in London. They provide hardware infrastructure and cloud based computing solutions to businesses of all sizes. They work closely with OfficeLabs when their customers are looking for information management and governance tools.

Ampology Digital

Digital Marketing Specialist
Devon, UK
Ampology Digital combine years of technical and creative experience to produce marketing campaigns that deliver customers with a competitive edge. They mix technology with sales and marketing strategies to offer customers a unique perspective on modern digital marketing techniques and methodologies.
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