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Microsoft 365 Health and Safety Portal

Built using OfficeLabs Incident Management Software (IMS)

Health and safety portal case study

Industry Sector:  Property Developers 

Employees: 50+

Client background:

One of Ireland’s most respected and long-established development and building companies.

Established in 1962, this construction company have been building for generations and have forged a reputation for building high quality residential and commercial properties. In its 62 year history, it has built over 13,000 houses and apartments and 4.3 million square foot of Commercial Space predominately in the Dublin area. They are committed to delivering premium quality properties and landscapes in the communities they create, leaving a positive lasting impact on the built environment.

The Requirements

A Construction company were reliant on Excel and paper form reporting for all Health and Safety procedures. They required a modern, digital solution to manage incident recording, reporting, insights and follow ups, in a secure and compliant platform. They required a solution which provided Health and Safety managers automatic indication of HSA reportable incidents. Due to the need for both direct employees and contractors to have access to incident reporting, the solution needed to accommodate non-licensed site operatives.

The main requirements for the project are outlined below:

  • Move away from Excel and paper forms
  • Avoid the duplication of information and have one source of the truth
  • Allow non-licensed users the ability to complete preliminary reports
  • Allow application visibility on desktop and mobile
  • Secure storage of, and interaction with, H&S data with integrated M365 security
  • Provide a framework to aid the H&S team identify reportable incidents, ensure reporting timelines are met, and conduct investigations to establish the root cause, and implement measures to avoid reoccurrence

Project overview

The Construction company recently adopted Microsoft 365, with a need to update and formulise their incident reporting process. The main purpose of the portal was to reduce the workload on Health & Safety teams, increase HSA regulation compliance, and have full visibility of existing incidents.

The Solution

OfficeLabs build health and safety portal

Incident Management Software – IMS

Using Our Incident Management software, we were able to fulfill all requirements, using the solutions provided within the software.

SharePoint site

Data repository for incident cases, and associated document library for reports, HSA submissions and images.

Microsoft groups

Create the Health & Safety group, which tailors the application experience. If the current user is in this group, they will have full edit access over the incident items.

SharePoint lists

Secure, version-controlled lists for incident submissions. Row-level security for where users outside of the H&S group can only see their own submissions.

Microsoft forms

All non-licensed users the ability to submit incidents for the review and completion of H&S teams.

Microsoft Power Apps

Custom-themed, reactive application which can be embedded within Teams. Specifics regarding an incident can be submitted here, and H&S teams can review and complete HSA submissions using the information.

Microsoft Power Automate

Notifications to H&S team when an incident is submitted. To comply with HSA regulations, a workflow was also created which checks with H&S whether an employee has returned to work. If after 4 days they have not returned, the item becomes HSA reportable.

Microsoft Power BI reports

Secure, version-controlled lists for incident submissions. Row-level security for where users outside of the H&S group can only see their own submissions.


Proposal hit every requirement, the H&S team were thrilled that all HSA regulations had been considered and included in the application. Upon our first review with them, they requested access so that they could put historical cases in as a test.

From this, there were only minor changes (the addition of injury locations and types) and adding more members to the M365 groups to use the application.

The Incident Management platform has been made into a solution for more companies to adopt. This has been developed to suit both HSA and RIDDOR

HSE health and safety executive

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