Marine Academy Plymouth Revision management

Two platforms; one for students and one for the faculty. Focused on engaging and aiding the revision management for year 11 students.

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Industry Sector:  Educational (Secondary) 
PC Users: 130 students, plus faculty staff

Client background:

Marine Academy is a non-selective secondary school based in Plymouth. Over the last twelve months, they have become one of the top four most improved state schools in the country. The Marine Academy is part of Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust, currently consisting of 15 schools. They are driven to be at the forefront of modern educational research and thinking and recognised as a beacon of national excellence. 

The Requirements:

The Marine Academy required two platforms; one for students and one for the faculty. They both needed to be engaging, interactive, intuitive, and tailored to its core users. The platforms would be used to aid the revision management for year 11 students.  

For the teachers, a desktop platform that allows them to:  

  • Upload content in the form of videos and documents  
  • Create revision events and register student attendance  
  • Create custom revision quizzes  
  • Allow teachers to get oversight into student attendance 
  • Allow teachers to send students notifications via the application 

For the students, a mobile platform that allows them to:  

  • Consume content  
  • Register for revision events  
  • Complete quizzes  
  • Receive points for all the above, be able to see their points on a leaderboard and claim prizes. 

Project overview

The main focus of the project was to create a solution that was highly engaging for the year 11 students to aid their revision. To drive the academy’s continued success, students needed a platform that assisted in their revision, teacher support, and encouragement to learn.  

The project was delivered over a 3-month period. OfficeLabs worked closely with the Marine Academy’s Vice Principal to understand the needs of the students and faculty and to create a solution that could be rapidly understood and used by all.   

Solution: (built using PowerApps, Power Automate and SharePoint)

Officelabs developed one platform to host two different PowerApps, one for Teachers and one for Students. 

  • Elevate 11 – Student mobile application for year 11 students 
  • Elevate 11 (Teacher) – Desktop application for faculty staff  

Extra functionality was added using Power Automate to: 

  • Send notifications  
  • Upload content 
  • Update student points 
Year 11 revision management solution


The ‘Elevate 11’ solution was rolled out to all staff and year 11 students with great responses. In fact, the Vice Principal was so pleased with the result that she felt there were no changes to be made.    

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