Are You AI Ready?

Evaluate your company's readiness for AI integration with our quick assessment. Answer the following questions to receive an AI readiness score out of 100. Based on your responses, we provide free, tailored advice to help you enhance your AI preparedness and effectively implement AI solutions in your business.

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Do you have a centralised data management system?

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Is your IT infrastructure scalable to support AI applications?

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Is your team trained in AI concepts?

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Does your company have a designated AI Officer or an AI focus group?

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Does your leadership actively support AI integration?

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Are there processes in place for adopting new technologies?

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How would you rate your organisation's culture in terms of openness to innovation?

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Have you identified specific business processes that AI could improve?

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Is there a clear alignment between AI initiatives and business goals?

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Have you conducted AI feasibility studies or pilot projects?

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Is there ongoing investment in AI research and development within your organisation?

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Do you have a data privacy policy in place?

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Are you compliant with AI-related regulations in your industry?

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Does your AI strategy include ethical considerations and bias mitigation?

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