Microsoft Dynamics 365: Providing Businesses with an Intelligent Edge

As firms look for increasingly innovative ways to enhance their current in-house operations, many are choosing to employ the bespoke architecture associated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The digital age offers business numerous unique benefits and yet, this revolution has also presented several problems which need to be overcome in order to thrive within a competitive environment. Some traditional solutions have been modified in order to adapt into this new environment while others have been done away with altogether.

As firms look for increasingly innovative ways to enhance their current in-house operations, many are choosing to employ the bespoke architecture associated with Microsoft Dynamics 365. How does this system function are what are some of the profound benefits that it is able to offer the growing business?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 at a glance: bridging the gap between in-house operations and the customer

From a very basic standpoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines two of the most essential elements which serve to define any operation:

  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Customer relationship management

ERP is essential for successful pipeline management as well as to enable stakeholders to more effectively leverage the tools at their disposal. Some of the aspects of this framework include financial planning, revenue monitoring, accounting and tracking operations within the field. So, it is much easier to appreciate the progression of a specific project or task.

Otherwise known as customer relationship management, CRM is an absolutely essential tool to guarantee the satisfaction of the end user. Whether referring to client engagement, automated marketing solutions or B2C sales, the fact of the matter is that a proactive approach to customer relationship management could very well determine the overall success of any organisation.

The best of both worlds

One of the main strengths associated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that both of these concepts have been combined to fit within a centralised framework. This type of unification provides numerous advantages when compared to more traditional techniques. It can be argued that the most important benefit involves a much greater level of efficiency. This saves time and money while simultaneously ensuring a higher degree of customer satisfaction. However, this is only the beginning.

The synergy of ERP and CRM signifies that it is now possible to understand the needs of the end user in an entirely new way. Real-time updates combined with fully customisable KPIs allow management to better appreciate how clients are reacting to a product or service within a real-time atmosphere. The business-to-client experience can become much more personalised and the entire journey from acquisition to purchase is extremely clear. Clients will remain satisfied that their needs are being catered to an ultimately, they are more likely to remain loyal over time.

Streamlined and simple

Another reason why a growing number of businesses are choosing to leverage the tools found within Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it is extremely easy to deploy. Thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly design, implementation will not present a problem. Much of this simplicity revolves around the fact that as opposed to some other CRM systems, Dynamics 365 is highly modular. Businesses will only utilise those tools which are appropriate for their operations. However, this program is also extremely scalable. Upgrades and downgrades can be made in the future as the user sees fit. So, it is able to grow with the company so that keeping up with an ever-changing environment does not present an issue.

Kicking out data silos

Data silos are now a thing of the past. Businesses need to know how one set of variables is affecting another. This is where the concept of agility comes into play. An agile business model can adapt to changing situations ahead of time; increasing efficiency and decreasing the chances that mistakes will be made. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is based off of an agile framework thanks to the presence of the Microsoft Common Data Model. This unifies data from disparate resources and enhances cross-departmental accountability. Such a shared database is critical in terms of communications and of course, streamlined internal processes will once again translate to the customers themselves.

Ease of uploading new applications

One of the issues associated with traditional CRM platforms is that adding new software into the framework can be slow and confusing. This is no longer the case thanks to a system known as AppSource. Any application can be downloaded in no time at all and the cloud-based nature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 signifies that decision makers can determine which apps are required as well as those that might not be necessary for day-to-day operations. Once again, this sense of flexibility provides an operational edge.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will provide small- to medium-sized businesses with a centralised and agile edge. As this technology continues to evolve around the needs of the organisation, it only stands to reason that it will become even more popular into the future.

How Can OfficeLabs Help?

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