GDPR Data Incident Tracker – PowerApp

Our GDPR Data Incident Tracking PowerApp has been developed in-house to provide a powerful and flexible tool to measure and monitor your performance, related to data security and GDPR requests and events. It is fully customisable and it can be published to multiple platforms including PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

PowerApps from Microsoft allows us to rapidly build rich forms, workflows, and custom mobile apps to streamline business processes. The GDPR Data Incident Tracking PowerApp from OfficeLabs is a great example.

Recording and tracking data incidents is a critical aspect of GDPR. We set out to build an application to simplify this process and streamline the workflow and reporting.

Key Features of our GDPR Data Incident Tracking PowerApp
  • There are six events* that you can keep track of:
    – Data breach
    – Identity risk
    – Data consent
    – Data consent withdrawal
    – Data processing
    – Data archived
    *Select the event and the UI will adapt the form fields according to the built-in validation rules.
  • Tracking requests from Data Subjects. There are five requests that can be tracked:
    – Data Access
    – Data Correct
    – Data Export
    – Data Objection
    – Data Erase
  • Comprehensive forms. When events or requests are recorded the workflows that can be triggered are:
    – Data Breach Management: assigns a task to notify the DPA within 72 hours of the breach.
    – External Data Processing: assigns a reminder to manage the data processing.
    – Request to Access Personal Data Management: assigns a task to the assignee of the request to keep track of individual tasks.
  • Advanced reporting. The home screen displays the activity dashboard using Power BI. This allows you to measure and monitor your performance, related to security and GDPR requests and events.

Looking for a solution to track your GDPR Data Incidents? Our PowerApp is cost effective and easy to deploy. Take a look at the image gallery below to view sample screens.

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