Incident Management & Reporting App for SharePoint

Incident Management & Reporting App for SharePoint

Incident Management & Reporting App for SharePoint

Our Incident Management App has been developed in-house to provide a powerful and flexible tool in SharePoint to manage and report incidents for your organisation. It is fully customisable, and it can be accessed on multiple platforms including PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

With incident management there is usually a strong emphasis on meeting Health and Safety, Compliance and other Legal Obligations, including:

  • Information Governance
  • Data protection
  • Records management
  • Confidentiality
  • Safeguarding staff and the public

Incident management and reporting, including ‘near misses’ are key factors in identifying what needs improving in a business. It can have a positive impact on the welfare of staff and stakeholders, including the prevention of future incidents.

Many organisations have legal obligations to share information on certain incidents with outside agencies. Aside from complying with the law or best practice guidance, this enables an organisation to demonstrate their commitment to a healthy, transparent, learning culture.  Key agencies include:

  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Care Quality Commission (for registered services)
  • Police (and potentially social services, health and other criminal justice agencies)
  • DBS (disclosure and barring service)
  • Commissioners

We’ve made it easy for organisations to report and gather information about incidents, which is an important first step. The application helps gather adequate detail about incident(s), identifies underlying and root causes, and provides a means of letting staff and stakeholder know that changes have been made based on reporting and analysing incidents.

The flow chart below shows an example of how the Incident Management and Reporting App can be configured to match your business processes. It is extremely flexible, and the logic can be adapted to suit your organisation.

Key Features of our Incident Management & Reporting App:

  • Run the App in your SharePoint Intranet
  • Adapt the app to suit your incident management and reporting requirements
  • Manage user permissions and capabilities
  • Easily report and track any incident
  • View incident reports and trends
  • Use bespoke workflow for different incident types

If you’re looking for a solution to report and manage incidents for your organisation, Our App for SharePoint is cost effective and easy to deploy. Take a look at the image gallery below to view sample screens. If you would like to find out more or discuss your exact requirements simply fill out this form and one of our team will get in touch.

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