Document Management for SAP

Gimmal Document Management for SAP

Gimmal Document Management for SAP puts critical business information where people work, allowing users inside and outside of SAP to collaborate on document-centric processes. It transforms SharePoint and SAP into a unified enterprise information platform while saving you time and money.

SAP is a powerful, data- and process-driven application with premium per user costs and a steep learning curve. SharePoint and Office 365, on the other hand, are low-cost solutions with the widest adoption of any Enterprise Content Management platform, providing a rich user experience with a familiar Microsoft Office look and feel.

Put simply, if your business uses SAP and SharePoint, you need Gimmal Document Management for SAP. It smooths the rough edges of SAP’s user experience, while simultaneously extending SharePoint to be a far more powerful tool.

OfficeLabs’ experience with getting the most out of both SAP and Microsoft platforms by implementing Gimmal Document Management for SAP will give your business benefits by enhancing the value of the data you hold. We can demonstrate how creating a data bridge will bring about the power of SharePoint capabilities to the information your SAP users work with on a daily basis.


The main benefits of Gimmal Document Management for SAP

The benefits of using Gimmal are vast but can be covered in three main areas: improved collaboration and productivity, better time to value, and reduced cost of ownership.

Collaboration isn’t just a buzzword, it’s an essential part of a modern business. Productivity within a mobile or flexible workforce relies heavily on effective collaboration within a business. Gimmal makes all necessary information available through both SAP and Office 365/SharePoint, so your staff can always find what they need, regardless of which tool they use. Metadata and critical transactional information increases the ease of finding any given document, so you won’t be wasting time scrolling through archives, trying to find the file you’re looking for. Governance and legal teams will also enjoy Gimmal’s functionality which includes capabilities such as legal holds and compliance suites. And of course, being entirely digital, Gimmal makes paper-based processes a thing of the past.

Furthermore, thanks to Gimmal leveraging existing architecture, tools and resources to configure solutions within your SAP and Office 365 infrastructure, you negate the need for time and money to be spent on custom development work. Gimmal integrates with business apps built on SharePoint and Office technology, and your existing SAP documents and data can enhance business processes with workflow tools such as Nintex. You already have the infrastructure in place for Gimmal, so there is no need for complicated add-ons or hacks – you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Finally, Gimmal reduces the overall cost of ownership of SAP. As you will be aware, SAP is an expensive application to run, but it has several areas which can become even more costly – both in employee time and actual outgoings. The cost of SAP administration alone can be eye-watering, but Gimmal streamlines many of the day-to-day tasks associated with maintaining SAP. It slims down the HANA database by shrinking the data within it, thus reducing expensive storage costs. It also reduces risk – many companies don’t realise that SAP is not designed for long-term document storage. Microsoft Azure and Office 365 can mitigate that risk and provide the extended governance that SAP lacks. Your staff will benefit alongside your company too: an easy-to-use interface means reduced training costs and time, and far simpler processes to implement. A cloud-based, high availability, replicable and distributed solution are all part of the Microsoft Cloud which Gimmal utilise, so you can start enjoying long-term savings from the get-go.

OfficeLabs are an official Gimmal partner and we would be very happy to discuss your current requirements and infrastructure, to see if Workplace for SAP would be a good fit for your business.

Gimmal Document Management for SAP provided by OfficeLabs can offer many benefits to your company. When you book an appointment with an OfficeLabs consultant, they will talk to you in depth about your business needs, and how best to use the Gimmal software. Remember, OfficeLabs offer more than software services, this is just one area of expertise — OfficeLabs will ensure you get the most out of all of your business applications. Making sure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible is why OfficeLabs has been chosen by both FTSE 250 companies and huge public sector bodies, and our no-jargon approach will let you talk to us with confidence about your requirements.

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