Integrated within Teams, enhanced with Power BI reporting.

Make the AP process simple and easy to navigate, while having a clear overview of the invoice journey – Account Payable Approvals.

Accounts Payable Approvals by OfficeLabs

What makes Accounts Payable Approvals different?

  • Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Our easy-to-use solution is seamlessly integrated with your existing Microsoft Teams platform. It also has the same ‘feel,’ formatting, and colours, making it a tool that is familiar and intuitive.

  • Dynamically build the Approval groups

When invoices are sent for approval, specific groups can be created and selected to receive the invoice. All members of that group will be granted permission to that document. Once the approval decision is made, the permission will be removed

  • Power BI reporting

Significantly enhance the AP department’s optimisation of resources and forecasting capabilities. With real-time insights and dynamic graphs, you can quickly access essential metrics, gain deeper insights into purchasing patterns, and streamline future planning. Power BI reporting improves visibility into liabilities and potential bottlenecks.

Accounts Payable Approvals OfficeLabs solution

What are the benefits of Account Payable Approvals?

Optimise productivity and efficiency by drastically reducing time spent on repetitive and manual tasks. Our solution streamlines finance operations, freeing team resources to focus on higher-value activities that foster business growth.

Use our invoice management platform to quickly and accurately approve invoices – reducing errors significantly. With real-time document analysis, instantly identify key information, such as supplier name, PO number and total price – enabling faster payments and keeping your financial data accurate. Speed up the review process with a clear, repeatable invoice management workflow.

Completely eliminate the frustration of invoice duplication and have a single source of truth. Reconciliation and compliance become a breeze when you work with a clear and fully traceable workflow; each invoice is fully searchable, tracks its full approvals history, and displays any additional comments right alongside it – protecting you against duplicate payments.

Enjoy full transparency in the invoicing process and keep all your financials in one easy-to-access place. With our solution, you’ll always have access to the latest and most up-to-date version of each invoice – including its full approval history. Regulatory compliance becomes effortless with a reliable audit trail.

Enjoy a significantly smoother workflow with clearly defined steps and roles for all stakeholders involved in the process. No more time wasted on forwarding documents manually, calling vendors for modifications required to reconcile invoices, or manually tracking the progress of each document.

Protect your business’ reputation and enjoy higher customer satisfaction due to significantly faster processing times. Since the invoicing workflow is entirely visible and 100% traceable, you get to decide when to approve and release payments to suppliers. Speedier turnaround times equals happier suppliers – and more business!

Accounts Payable Approvals OfficeLabs

How much does it cost?

Standard package

What does APA look like?

Upgrades – AI automation and finance software integration

Streamline the entire process and reduce errors by adding AI and integration to your solution. We have designed the APA solution to enhance your businesses productivity and automate repetitive tasks.

Intelligent automation

Vastly reduce repetitive manual tasks by upgrading your APA package to include AI.

All of your key detail entry requirements can be automatically extracted from PDF documents and inputting into the necessary fields. Invoices can be sorted and processed quickly and efficiently, while reducing errors made by manual inputs.

Finance software integration

Seamlessly integrate your current accounting software with APA.

We have integrated many large accounting solutions into the Account Payable Approvals to bring all of your finance department needs into one place. Allowing you to intuitively navigate around the already familiar Teams interface, and your current finance software.

How much does the UPGRADE solution cost?

Integrating your current finance software and implementing AI for automation depends on the needs and size of your business.

If you would like to discuss how much these options will cost and the benefits they will bring to your business, please contact us. One of our friendly experts will be happy to help and explain how we can help.

How does APA work?

Fast and easy digital AP processing begins with a purpose-built tech solution.

Our high-tech solution is a multi-functional application for the entire approval process.

Using the best of Microsoft 365 applications, we have built a solution to ease the pressures for your finance team, that also acts as a single storage depository for all supplier invoices.

Step 1

Invoices are received by email, automatically extracted and securely stored in SharePoint which is audited, permission-managed, and supports full document version control.

Step 2

The application is embedded directly into Teams and allows your finance team to check invoices and manually assign key vendor information.

Step 3

Invoices are sent for approval triggering a workflow process of four stages: sent, pending, approved, and archived. Automated approval is initiated with no need to send documents or manually write emails.

Step 4

Get instantly notified of approval decisions which can be actioned within Microsoft Teams. Approval activities are recorded and displayed in–line with the corresponding invoice, providing easy access to the full history of each invoice at-a-glance.

Step 5

The finance team have total visibility of invoice documents in all approval states. Rejected invoices can be returned to vendor with comments directly from the application. Easy. 

Step 6

Reports are provided using the Power BI platform which empowers leaders to access dynamic reporting. Track invoice volume metrics including: volume and value over time, volume and value breakdown by vendor, approval duration – and more. 

It’s the easy, fast, and seamless Accounts Payable invoice management solution for your business. 


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. 

 Have a browse of our FAQ section.

If you still can’t find the answer to your question, simply get in touch and someone from our team will be pleased to discuss your query. 

OfficeLabs Invoice Management would benefit any Accounts Payable Team that is struggling to keep on top of supplier invoice processing. The only requirement is that you have a Microsoft 365 license! 

The OfficeLabs’ Invoice Management Platform ensures that inbound company invoices are auto-extracted and stored to a secure centralised location.  

Finance teams have full visibility of documents in all approval states, with comprehensive search and filtering capabilities directly within Teams allowing them to work seamlessly alongside other Teams elements.  

Automated approval processes to groups and individuals can be actioned from the application and are supported by built-in Microsoft 365 Approvals functionality. 

Comprehensive business intelligence reporting is provided to ensure that key stakeholders have the performance, value and volume metrics they require. 

With our innovative system, you can turn a time-sucking, laborious, manual admin task into an efficient process that reduces late payments, gives maximum visibility over liabilities, and streamlines compliance with regulatory requirements – enabling your team to accelerate business profits. Our solution is also incredibly intuitive, simple to use, and quick to deploy – ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.  

We offer a guarantee! From Paper to Digital – in 7 Days Flat; however, many of our clients find that they can get up and running in ONE day given the required access! We are 80 x faster than the competition who can take up to 16 weeks + to deploy an invoice processing solution.  

Our Invoice Management platform is embedded in Microsoft Teams, and only requires that you have a basic Microsoft 365 license. 

We’ve designed the app to be simple and incredibly easy-to-use! In fact, putting aside the intelligent automation, the long list of features and the security of storage – we think it’s the most user-friendly invoice processing solution on the market.

The app is seamlessly integrated into your existing Microsoft Teams platform – with the same ‘feel,’ formatting, and colours – so it integrates effortlessly with what’s already familiar for a totally intuitive experience.

Unlike competitors offering invoice automation, deployment takes mere DAYS, not months. From first contact until implementation, you’ll be up and running in less than 7 days. After the initial investment, you’ll also own the solution for life.


Additionally, unlike other invoice management automation solutions, our product can integrate with different finance solutions – as opposed to being restricted to one – giving you ultimate flexibility and saving you time and money. 

OfficeLabs’ Invoice Management solution is an investment of £4997. Unlike other solutions, your company will completely own the solution after investing; this is called a Perpetual Licence Model, and it’s great news for you!

Separate to this investment is our maintenance and support package priced at £1247/ year with a 1-year minimum commitment. This aspect of the costings is a Subscription Licence Model.

Your data is 100% securely stored and housed entirely within your Microsoft 365 tenancy within SharePoint document libraries and lists. It’s secured by your own internal Active Directory security policies – offering you total peace of mind.  

YES! We offer a guarantee! “From Paper to Digital – in 7 Days Flat”; however, many of our clients find that they can get up and running in ONE day given the required access! 

It’s easy to successfully streamline your entire invoicing process for maximum productivity, efficiency, and profit. Simply get in touch to set up a FREE demo to learn how invoice automation can transform your business – saving you time and money.  

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