Gimmal Discover simplifies the management of sensitive information across the enterprise

OfficeLabs are a certified partner utilising Gimmal Discover to enable clients to simplify the management of their sensitive information by locating, classifying, and managing data to reduce risk and improve organisational efficiency.

OfficeLabs use Gimmal Discover to streamline e-discovery with a cloud-based solution that ensures information is private and available when requested. Gimmal Discover works with SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Windows file shares, OneDrive, and other storage solutions.
Key Benefits of Gimmal Discover from OfficeLabs

Mitigate risk buried in unstructured content

When personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data is left unmanaged, it can become lost in corporate data sources. This poses great risks for organisations. Gimmal Discover mitigates these risks by identifying files that contain sensitive information and applying the appropriate metadata to govern content according to your information governance programme.

Eliminate redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) information to improve user efficiency

Global research and advisory analysts estimate that nearly 80% of data in the average organisation is unstructured. Much of this content is not critical to business operations and subsequently bloats content sources. Gimmal Discover enables OfficeLabs to eliminate unnecessary content by:

  • Discovering redundant or duplicate files
  • Removing obsolete files that are no longer needed
  • Removing trivial files that should not be kept.

Streamline E-Discovery and Public Records Requests

When organisations must comply with a public records request or perform e-discovery as part of litigation, the time and costs associated with searching for data across the enterprise becomes burdensome. Gimmal Discover allows organisations to achieve full visibility of all sensitive information with:

  • A single solution to locate and collect data across the entire enterprise
  • The ability to easily perform a first-pass review
  • Notifications that alert custodians to their litigation hold responsibility.
Key Features of Gimmal Discover

E-Discovery – Locate relevant information for litigation or internal investigations

File Analysis – Gain complete visibility of information and its attributes in all data sources, including workstations and laptops

Content Awareness – Ensure sensitive information is managed properly by knowing exactly where it is and who has access to it

Tagging and Classification – Apply classification tags based on content to track information that may be confidential or sensitive

Information Management – Integrate with Gimmal Records to manage the entire lifecycle of information after discovery

Reporting – Manage unstructured data by producing detailed reports that improve organisational efficiency

Active Remediation – Create policies to consistently govern data based on orchestrated workflows

Compliance – Implement rule-based workflows to adhere to your information policy.

OfficeLabs is a Certified Gimmal partner and can discuss your current requirements and infrastructure, to see if Discover would be a good fit for your information management and productivity goals.

OfficeLabs is a Gimmal Certified partner

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