Gimmal Link connects SAP software to SharePoint.

Connect SAP® software and Microsoft SharePoint at the content level, the data level, and the workflow level, putting critical business information right where people work.

Gimmal Link connects SAP software to SharePoint allowing users inside and outside of SAP to collaborate on document-centric processes. It transforms SharePoint and SAP into a unified enterprise information management platform while saving you time and money.

SAP is a powerful, data and process-driven application with premium per user costs and a steep learning curve. SharePoint and Microsoft 365, on the other hand, are low-cost solutions with the widest adoption of any platform, providing a rich user experience with a familiar Microsoft Office look and feel. If your business uses SAP and SharePoint, you need Gimmal Link Enterprise for SAP. It smooths the rough edges of SAP’s user experience, while simultaneously extending SharePoint to be a far more powerful tool.

OfficeLabs’ experience with implementing Gimmal Link for SAP will help your business to get the most out of both SAP and Microsoft platforms. We can demonstrate how creating a data bridge will bring about the power of SharePoint capabilities to the information your SAP users work with on a daily basis.

By integrating Gimmal Link SAP and OfficeLabs SharePoint services, you gain a comprehensive solution that unlocks a significant edge over your competition.

Benefits of Gimmal Link

Gimmal Link stores SAP content and data within Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365 while leaving the SAP environment and the SAP end user’s view unchanged. This integration allows users inside and outside of SAP to collaborate and work on the same document-centric business processes while reducing total cost of ownership.

SharePoint SAP content management

Make SAP information easily accessible to personnel organisation-wide by storing it within SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Users can streamline business processes by merging transactional information with enterprise information, reduce search time with advanced metadata, and improve collaboration with Microsoft workflow tools and business applications.

Secure SAP SharePoint storage

Gimmal Link removes the long-term risk associated with storing information inside of SAP by archiving, not only content, but data and processes as well. Once in Microsoft SharePoint, SAP content can be managed with advanced records management capabilities, improving information governance, compliance, and security.

Reduce SAP ownership cost

Gimmal Link dramatically reduces SAP’s total cost of ownership by reducing the size of the HANA database by as much as 30-40%. Organisations see signification cost savings by storing SAP content within Microsoft’s considerably less expensive Azure/Microsoft 365 platforms, which also reduces the need for expensive SAP licenses, training, development, and upgrades.

Gimmal Link SAP integration connect SharePoint enterprise information management Reduce SAP ownership cost

Gimmal Link SAP integration features


  • Gimmal Link SAP integration: Unify SAP and SharePoint systems
  • SharePoint SAP content management: Access SAP content in SharePoint and Microsoft 365

  • SAP SharePoint workflow collaboration: Content available across the organisation

  • Enterprise information management SAP: Manage your corporate SAP records within SharePoint

  • Reduce SAP ownership cost: Store files directly in SharePoint and available to SAP

  • SAP content SharePoint archiving: Manage your corporate SAP records with advanced records management

OfficeLabs are a Certified Gimmal partner and we would be very happy to discuss your current requirements and infrastructure, to see if Link for SAP would be a good fit for your business.

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OfficeLabs are a Gimmal Link SAP integration partner
OfficeLabs is a Gimmal Certified partner

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