Gimmal Migrate helping simplify complex migrations

Gimmal Migrate for easy document migration

We are a Gimmal Certified Partner and with Gimmal Migrate we can help simplify complex migrations from OpenText and other legacy sources to Microsoft 365.

What are the benefits of document migration?

Gimmal Migrate™ helps organisations fully leverage Microsoft 365 by simplifying complex migrations from OpenText Content Server, Documentum, Livelink and file shares to SharePoint Online.

Gimmal Migrate™ greatly simplifies migrations from OpenText to M365.

We enable full-fidelity migrations meaning that the content appears as if it always existed in SharePoint with full preservation of versions, dates, users and metadata. For example you can easily create mappings for metadata, object types, information architecture, record policies, and more.

When everything is configured, one click of a button begins the migration process. Schedule migrations for off-peak hours to maximise throughput and minimise network load and throttling.

Proof of legal chain of custody for migrations are generated and validation reports are provided adding value to your process.

Easy document migration with Gimmal migrate
File migration service

Gain the benefits of a modern cloud platform with more functionality than OpenText can offer.

By migrating content from OpenText Content Server, Documentum, Livelink and file shares to Microsoft 365, you can empower your users and increase productivity and achieve large cost savings by decommissioning expensive legacy systems.

Migration doesn’t have to be a long, complex process. With Gimmal Migrate™, you can be up and running in minutes. Just install the software on your desktop and run the analysis wizards for discovery and deep analytics on your OpenText environment. Know what you have to migrate and enable pre-planning for your migration strategy.

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