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Incident management reporting

Incident reporting the smart way

Do you record workplace incidents on paper and worry about reporting in a RIDDOR compliant way?

Our Incident Management software provides a powerful and customisable tool in Microsoft 365.

Our Incident Management software greatly benefits any Health & Safety team that is struggling with managing paper forms and maintaining RIDDOR reporting and compliance. It will allow you to manage and report health, cyber and business continuity incidents for your organisation.

Incident Management solution by OfficeLabs

What makes our Incident Management software different?

Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Our easy-to-use solution is seamlessly integrated with your existing Microsoft Teams platform. It also has the same ‘feel,’ formatting, and colours, making it a tool that is familiar and intuitive.

Dynamic RIDDOR Notifications

When an incident is reported, a text notification at the bottom of the screen will dynamically notify the user whether an incident requires reporting to RIDDOR.

Power BI reporting

Significantly enhance the Health & Safety department’s management of incidents and halt reoccurring risks. With real-time insights and dynamic graphs, you can quickly access essential insights, gain deeper understanding into incidents, and easily mitigate further risks. Power BI reporting improves visibility into liabilities.

How can the Incident Management software help your business?

With incident management there is usually a strong emphasis on meeting Health and Safety, compliance and other legal obligations, including:

  • Incident resolution
  • RIDDOR compliant
  • Data protection

  • Records management

  • Safeguarding staff and the public

Incident Management & Reporting Software
How to record an accident at work

Many organisations have legal obligations to share information on certain incidents with outside agencies. Aside from complying with the law or best practice guidance, this enables an organisation to demonstrate their commitment to a healthy, transparent, learning culture.

For more information about the Health and Safety Legislation, please click here.

Incident management and reporting, including ‘near misses’ are the responsibility of any employer, even when you are unsure if the employee has missed time or received medical attention. Managing and reporting incidents are key factors in identifying what needs improving in a business and risk mitigation. It can have a positive impact on the welfare of staff and stakeholders, including the prevention of future incidents.

How much does the Incident management software cost?

Standard package

What are the benefits of our Incident Management solution?

Incident management solution by OfficeLabs

Accelerate the reporting process of incidents by drastically reducing time spent on repetitive paper-based forms. Our solution streamlines reporting processes, freeing team resources to focus on mitigating high-risk activity.

Whether you are on-site, in the office, or working from home, IMS enables you to securely report incidents.

Instant alerts of a new submission to the relevant Health & Safety teams allows for complete oversight of reported incidents. Each report is fully searchable, tracks the ongoing status, and displays relevant individuals who were involved.

Enjoy full transparency in the Health & Safety business process, and keep track of your historical incidents in one easy-to-access place. With our solution, you’ll always have access to updates and control measures per incident.

What does the Incident Management software look like?

We have made it easy for organisations to report and gather information about incidents. IMS helps gather details about incidents and identify underlying and root causes. IMS also provides a means of letting staff and stakeholders know that changes have been made, based on reporting and analysing incidents.

Case study

A large construction company were reliant on Excel and paper form reporting for all Health and Safety procedures. They required a modern, digital solution to manage incident recording, reporting, insights and follow ups, in a secure and compliant platform.

What types of incidents are reportable?

If someone has died or has been injured because of a work-related accident, this may have to be reported under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR)

Note: Not all accidents are reportable, only when the accident is work-related and results in a reportable injury, as listed below. For an in depth list, please see the HSE information here.

  • The death of any person

  • Specified, reportable injuries to workers

  • Over-7-day incapacitation of a worker

  • Over-3-day incapacitation

  • Non-fatal accidents to people other than workers

  • Occupational diseases

  • Dangerous occurrences

  • Gas incidents

How to report an accident at work

Frequently asked questions

If you can not find the answer to your question, please get in touch and someone from our team will be happy to discuss your query. 

HSE Incident Management greatly benefits any Health & Safety team that is struggling with managing paper forms and maintaining RIDDOR reporting and compliance. The only requirement is that you have a Microsoft 365 licence.

Incident Management is fully customisable to suit your Industry specific needs and regulatory boards, such as CQC or ORR.

Our Incident Management platform is embedded in Microsoft Teams, and only requires that you have a basic Microsoft 365 licence.

We have designed the app to be simple and incredibly easy-to-use. Putting aside the intelligent automation, the long list of features and the security of storage – we feel it is one of the most user-friendly incident management solutions available.

The app is seamlessly integrated into your existing Microsoft Teams platform – with the same ‘feel,’ formatting, and colours – so it integrates effortlessly with what is already familiar for a simple, intuitive experience.

Your data is 100% securely stored and housed entirely within your Microsoft 365 tenancy within SharePoint document libraries and lists. It is secured by your own internal Active Directory security policies – offering you total peace of mind.  

Our Incident Management solution is an investment of £4995. Unlike other solutions, your company will completely own the solution after investing; this is called a Perpetual Licence Model.

Separate to this investment is our maintenance and support package priced at 25% of the overall project cost per year with a 1-year minimum commitment. This aspect of the costings is a Subscription Licence Model.


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