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On May 25th 2018, a new law comes into force which aims to provide more protection for both individuals and their personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has evolved from the Data Protection Directive, in an effort to harmonise this area of legislation across all EU countries.

Once in effect, businesses of all types will be expected to do the following (amongst other requirements):

  • Ask for consent of subjects for data processing
  • Anonymise collected data to protect privacy
  • Provide notifications of any data breach
  • Safely handle the transfer of data across borders
  • Require certain companies to appoint a data protection officer to oversee GDPR compliance

Failure to comply with GDPR could result in fines of up to 4% of your annual turnover. GDPR should not be taken lightly, and OfficeLabs understands that businesses may be concerned that they could currently be in breach of the regulation. As such, we offer a GDPR consultancy service and tools which will ensure becoming compliant is far easier than trying to handle complicated (and potentially costly) processes on your own.

OfficeLabs can help you become fully GDPR compliant

Since data is at the forefront of GDPR assessment, we can place an activity tracker and reporting centre into your SharePoint site which leverages the strengths of Office 365, to assist with the recording and reporting of events. It allows you to use electronic forms for easy and consistent data capture, and workflows to assign tasks to relevant people. Furthermore, an organisation chart show who the responsible people are in your organisation, alongside dashboards written in Power BI to keep key staff and senior stakeholders aware.

For even more thorough monitoring and data management, you should consider Gimmal’s Policy Suite which does more than just keeping track of your case files. With this powerful and far-reaching toolset, we can identify, monitor and report on any information that adheres to certain criteria. For example, if a file contains personal information about an individual, Gimmal will know where and when that file was stored, and be able to create a policy that manages it automatically. This removes the complexity and manual effort in the storage and management of personal data.

Manage data easily with Gimmal and Office 365

At any time, Gimmal will let you to identify, recall, report and take action on an individual’s personal data. If your organisation receives a subject access request which, by law, expects you to show all the information you hold on an individual, you will be able to easily and swiftly provide a full report of what, where and why it is being held.

The Gimmal Policy Suite is powerful enough to identify information held in Office 365, SharePoint Online, SharePoint on-premises and file shares on both local and Azure servers. Additionally, thanks to a number of other connectors, you can reach into more third-party cloud and on-premises repositories as well.

Gimmal lets you apply policies to all information across any repository from a central source. With the policies in place, all data will be classified on creation, automatically, and without the need for the user to perform any additional action. This is something that cannot be achieved using Microsoft content services alone.

GDPR will also allow an individual to request the right to be forgotten – in this circumstance it will be necessary to destroy every piece of information you hold on that individual. Could you truthfully locate every file, email and list quickly, easily and be certain that all the information had been deleted? With Gimmal Policy Suite, the information is located, destroyed and a destruction certificate is issued as proof of the removal of the information. This provides compliance and an audit trail to avoid any unauthorized destruction of data.

OfficeLabs also has our own qualified GDPR practitioner consultants who are experts in compliance. They are available to guide you through compliancy options, advise on the best usage and storage of your data, and recommend approaches and software to manage the many facets of GDPR, including requests for data deletion.

In summary – by bringing together OfficeLabs’ GDPR activity tracker and Gimmal’s Policy Suite, you have a combined solution that is easy to use, automates as much of the process as possible and keeps your organisation compliant in May ahead of future GDPR assessment.

These are just some of the benefits our GDPR compliance service can offer your company. When you book an appointment with an OfficeLabs consultant, they will talk to you in depth about your GDPR business needs, and how best to ensure you’re ready for GDPR assessment. Remember, Gimmal is just one tool in the suite — OfficeLabs will ensure you get the most out of each of these applications. Making sure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible is why OfficeLabs has been chosen by both FTSE 250 companies and huge public-sector bodies, and our no-jargon approach will let you talk to us with confidence about your requirements.

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