Take Away the Stress of Moving to Office 365

All change has challenges to face and overcome. This is why OfficeLabs are here to help with our cloud migration services. If you’re looking to move to Office 365 and leave the traditional, physical and expensive infrastructure behind, there will be many questions and uncertainties about a move to the cloud. Office 365 is designed to help you achieve more, which is why the planning and implementation is crucial to get right first time.

As part of our comprehensive services, OfficeLabs can plan, implement and migrate your existing SharePoint content or file shares over to a modern SharePoint hybrid or Office 365 platform. However, what we would like to really know more about is why you would want to migrate?

Businesses across the world are using Microsoft technologies and products. For many, the natural progression is the move to the cloud, Office 365 and Azure platforms. Providing improved efficiency, reliability, administration and reduced support costs is a goal for every organisation’s CTO.

This has resulted in many companies considering the move to Office 365 and analysing the benefits and if the move will deliver on the promises of productivity, collaboration and efficiency gains.

OfficeLabs partners with organisations to address their most significant and complex technology challenges. As part of this process we have often seen that a company will decide on a product to solve an issue and the process will be: purchase the product, install, migrate existing data, tell the service owner. Job done.

We know that the solution is never that simple, and as a result our approach is far more comprehensive. Rather than provide a basic data migration service – we look at the reasons why you are looking to migrate, and the benefits the business wants to achieve. Are they cost-driven? Are there compliance requirements? Or do you need the ability to automate processes and achieve greater efficiency?

Top reasons for migrating to new systems:
  • Administration and support capability
  • Infrastructure is out of date and unsupported
  • Infrastructure is out of date and vulnerable to security breach
  • Reached physical storage capacity, compute resources
  • Improve user efficiency
  • Deliver a better customer experience
  • Become compliant with legislation
Change brings opportunity

A system replacement project also presents a unique opportunity to take stock and review your email and data management practices and potentially update policies and improve them for greater efficiency and security position.

Moving to Office 365, for example, has new encryption technology built into the platform that improves data protection. The use of cloud-based storage for email and work in progress facilitates collaboration but opens up a new set of compliance standards and requirements. Office 365 allows for strict policies where information isn’t allowed to languish for decades, using costly storage resources. Automated rules based on your organisation polices can be created that clean unused data that has little to no value after the delivery of a project.

Cloud-based systems in general have grown information governance concerns, including the expansion of storage used by individuals. This, in particular, has created concerns about over retention resulting in legislation challenges, but there is better ability to search and manage the data, which is an advantage.

Partnering with OfficeLabs gives you access to our experience with enterprise change programmes that have already asked the questions, considered the benefits – and the risks – and we are on hand to discover the reasons why change is necessary and support your business on its journey.

These are just some of the benefits that using OfficeLabs Migration Services can provide to your company. When you book an appointment with an OfficeLabs consultant, they will talk to you in depth about your business needs, and what migration requirements you have. Remember, migration to the cloud is just one of our services that we offer. This is why OfficeLabs has been chosen by both FTSE 250 companies and huge public sector bodies, and our no-jargon approach will let you talk to us with confidence about your requirements.

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