Welcome our new Training and Development Manager – Jane Leigh


Training and Development Manager

We are delighted to welcome Jane Leigh to our team as our Training and Development Manager. Most recently, Jane has been working in the NHS and Serco Ltd and brings experience of both private and public sector ways of working, including Health, Local Government and Defence.

She will be working with our customers on their training requirements and delivering both Microsoft Office and soft skills training.

In addition – Jane can help your organisation with:

  • Identifying training and development needs: Working collaboratively with you to pinpoint the exact training needs of your workforce, ensuring programs address real-world challenges.
  • The design and development of training programmes: Leveraging her expertise, Jane will craft engaging and effective training programs tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Developing effective induction programmes: Onboarding new employees seamlessly? Jane can help design and develop induction programs that leave a lasting positive impression.
  • Conducting training appraisals: Evaluating the effectiveness of training programs is crucial. Jane can guide you through the appraisal process, ensuring your training investments yield the desired results.
  • Preparation of learning plans: Jane can assist with the creation of personalized learning plans for each employee, fostering continuous learning and development.
  • Production of training materials: From engaging presentations to interactive exercises, Jane can develop high-quality training materials that make learning fun and effective.
  • Managing the delivery of training and development programmes and devising a training strategy: Jane can manage the entire training delivery process, from scheduling to logistics. She can also help you develop a comprehensive training strategy aligned with your long-term organisational goals.
  • Ensuring that statutory training requirements are met: Navigating statutory training requirements can be complex. Jane can ensure your organization meets all legal obligations.
  • Monitor, review and evaluate training and development programmes: Evaluating and refining training programs is essential. Jane will assist you in monitoring, reviewing, and improving your training initiatives to deliver maximum value.
  • Help to solve specific training problems: Facing a specific training challenge? Jane is here to help! She’ll work collaboratively with you to identify solutions and develop effective training interventions.

Ready to Invest in Your Workforce?

For a detailed look at the training courses and bespoke training services we offer, or to discuss your specific needs and explore how Jane can help you build a high-performing and well-equipped workforce, get in contact. We look forward to partnering with you on your training journey!

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