Electronic vs Digital Signatures, and are they legal?


Adobe Acrobat Sign & Acrobat Pro

OfficeLabs are an Adobe Certified Partner, focussed on Adobe Sign and Acrobat Pro. We can fully integrate Adobe Acrobat Sign into Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics and other solutions for all-digital signature workflows to create, route and get agreements signed. But what are the different signature types and are they legal?

Electronic Signatures
An e-signature or electronic signature is a legal way to get consent or approval on electronic documents or forms. It can also replace handwritten signatures for virtually any process.

> Legal in most countries around the world
> Efficient
> Cost-Effective

These types of e-signatures are most commonly used for Sales & Marketing, Hiring/HR and Legal (NDAs, etc.)

Digital Signatures
This type of e-signature is a certificate-based digital signature, making it the most advanced, compliant and secure type. Digital signatures are ideal when you need the highest level of assurance of each signer’s identity and document authenticity.

> Trusted & Compliant
> Protected
> Unique to You
> Easy to Validate

Digital Signature Types
> Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES)
> Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

Adobe Acrobat Sign supports all these signature types.

Are electronic signatures legal?

Absolutely. Electronic signatures are legal, trusted, compliant and enforceable all around the world. For more information click here, which also includes information on how the UK differs from the EU.

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