OfficeLabs Accepted on G-Cloud 11 Framework


OfficeLabs Accepted on G-Cloud 11 Framework

Empowering the UK Public Sector with Streamlined Procurement

OfficeLabs is pleased to announce that it has been accepted on the G-Cloud 11 Framework for Software and Support services.

This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering public sector organisations with innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity.

Understanding G-Cloud 11: A Streamlined Procurement Process

G-Cloud 11 acts as a pre-approved framework agreement between the UK government and a select group of qualified suppliers, including OfficeLabs. Once the basic terms are agreed upon following a published OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) contract notice, public sector organizations gain a streamlined path to procure essential software and support services.

Seamless Access to OfficeLabs’ Offerings Through the Digital Marketplace

Through the G-Cloud 11 framework, public sector organizations can now readily access a comprehensive range of OfficeLabs’ software and support services on the Digital Marketplace. This simplifies the procurement process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – serving the public.

G-Cloud 11 Software Services at Your Fingertips

OfficeLabs proudly offers a variety of software solutions that cater to the specific needs of the public sector within the G-Cloud 11 framework. Here’s a glimpse of what’s available:

  • Gimmal Document Management for SAP: Streamline document management within your SAP environment, ensuring effortless control and organization.
  • Gimmal Records Management: Simplify records management with a robust solution that fosters compliance and accessibility.
  • LiveTiles Intelligent Intranet, Bot & Analytics Platform: Build a modern and engaging intranet that boosts employee engagement and collaboration.
  • OfficeLabs Data Incident Tracker: Effectively track and manage data incidents with a user-friendly and comprehensive solution.
  • OfficeLabs FastTrack SharePoint: Leverage our expertise to design and implement a high-performing SharePoint intranet quickly and efficiently.

G-Cloud 11 Support Services: Expert Guidance at Your Service

In addition to software solutions, OfficeLabs offers a range of G-Cloud 11 support services to empower your organization:

  • OfficeLabs Office 365 Support: Get comprehensive support for your Office 365 environment, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.
  • OfficeLabs Office 365 Communication Service: Enhance your internal and external communication strategies with expert guidance.
  • OfficeLabs Office 365 Power BI Development: Unlock the power of data visualisation with expert development services for Power BI.
  • OfficeLabs Office 365 Requirements Gap Analysis: Identify gaps and opportunities within your Office 365 environment to maximize your ROI.
  • OfficeLabs Office 365 Training: Equip your workforce with the skills needed to fully utilize the vast capabilities of Office 365.

A Commitment to Public Sector Excellence

As Graham Bidwell, OfficeLabs CEO, states, “This marks our fourth year working with the G-Cloud framework and digital marketplace. We’ve continually expanded our portfolio, and G-Cloud 11 provides the ideal platform to showcase our software and support services specifically designed to elevate the UK Public Sector.”

By leveraging OfficeLabs’ G-Cloud 11 offerings, public sector organizations gain access to innovative solutions that streamline workflow, enhance communication, and empower employees to deliver exceptional public service.

Contact OfficeLabs today to explore how our G-Cloud 11 software and support services can propel your organisation to new heights!

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