Information and data are one of your most valuable assets, but it can be hard to find the right information at the right time when it is stored in so many places.

OfficeLabs, in conjunction with Gimmal, can provide the solution you need to find information, govern content, improve business processes and ensure records are in compliance when stored in SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Gimmal unlocks the true power of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 by making tagging and managing the lifecycle of content transparent. This helps eliminate the problems that come from information silos and retaining useless or expired information.

Key Benefits of Gimmal Records Management from OfficeLabs

Gimmal Records helps you make the most of your software investments by managing all of your records and information within all of your current content repositories. You can manage, monitor, and track corporate records, working documents, or physical records, in any repository – anywhere. With a truly cloud-based platform, OficeLabs can implement records management software as a service, lowering your total cost of ownership and the infrastructure required.

Manage all records and information, anywhere

Implement comprehensive records management policies in SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Windows file shares, OpenText and more. By integrating with your content repositories, Gimmal Records manages all your records and information in place by assigning policies, retention schedules, and legal holds directly where the content lives.

Secure records in a DoD 5015.2-certified repository

Upgrade your SharePoint environment to a DoD certified Records 5015.2 Repository. Gimmal Records can give your organization a reliable and centralized repository in SharePoint that is compliant with both baseline and classified standards of the USA Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 records management program.

Full-featured software with no assembly required

Maximise performance, reliability, and scalability with cloud-based records management software built upon Microsoft Azure. You can access critical business information anytime, anywhere with web-based software that works with all major web browsers and via custom Power BI reports. Gimmal Records is designed for organisations looking to implement records management without the headache of costly configurations, deployments, and downtime.

Key Features of Records Management

Lifecycle Management – Create flexible multi-phase lifecycles built around user definable triggers, retentions, and actions

Physical Records Management – Manage physical records alongside electronic documents and records regardless of location or format

In-place or Centralised Management – Classify and manage information across all platforms and/or move information to a central DoD 5015.2 compliant repository

Automated Classification – Categorise content against a centralised file plan based on similar properties and locations across platforms

Legal Holds – Eliminate eDiscovery mistakes by placing information or entire case files on legal hold to prevent deletion

File Plan Builder™ – Use a single web interface to automatically apply classification and retention rules across all platforms

Auditing and Reporting – Audit all system and record activity and run predefined or custom reports that provide current and historical visibility into the information

Defensible Disposition – Destroy unwanted and obsolete data at the end of the information lifecycle without having to move content to a central repository.

OfficeLabs is a Certified Gimmal partner and can discuss your current requirements and infrastructure, to see if Records Management would be a good fit for your information management and productivity goals.

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