Small business HR software and HR support including Payroll

Small business support with OfficeLabs HR

Online HR software, including Payroll, can help small, medium, and fast-growing businesses reach their full potential with guidance from friendly experts and time-saving solutions.

How can small business HR software help you?

We have partnered up with SafeHR, who offer 5* HR service and HR software, designed for small businesses.

It can be difficult for some small businesses to know when they need to bring in an HR software system. If the past couple of years has shown us anything, it is that no matter how small, every business needs trustworthy HR advice and support. Whether this is for specific HR enquires or guidance for staying on the right side of UK employment law, OfficeLabs HR will support you.

We provide expert HR advice whenever you need it, and our HR software helps save you time on holiday bookings, payroll, expenses management, time-tracking and much more.

Key benefits:

  • 1

    Tailor made employment contracts and a staff handbook to keep you legally compliant.

  • 2

    HR advice from our qualified consultants and employment lawyers whenever you have a question or issue.

  • 3

    Easy-to-use HR software gives you instant access to all your staff information and saves hours of
    admin time

  • 4

    Payroll software so easy to use it will take you less than 5 minutes to run each month. We also integrate with Xero and QuickBooks Online to make your existing payroll processes more streamlined.

OfficeLabs HR software in use
Small business HR support Employee details HR

Software Pricing

OfficeLabs HR offer simple and transparent pricing that can flex as your business changes.

How much does small business HR software cost?

HR – Software only

£3 per Employee, per month

  • Monthly rolling contract

  • No set-up costs

  • No hidden fees

What if you need HR support?

With increasing admin pressures as your team and business grows, this is how we can help:

  • 1

    Qualified HR consultants and employment lawyers at the end of the phone if you should ever need help with any payroll enquires, staff grievances, hybrid working support, and any other HR guidelines.

  • 2

    Access to workplace risk assessments to make transitioning back to office or onsite working easier and within Health and Safety legal guidelines. This includes guidance on hybrid working and flexible working patterns.

  • 3

    Anonymous staff surveys to find out what your team is comfortable with, including social distancing at work, workplace socialising and activities, and to enquire about wellness and mental health.

Employees using OfficeLabs HR software and support service
Small business support OfficeLabs HR compliance

That’s on top of all our standard features including an employment contract review when you signup to bring your contracts in line with the Good Work Plan legislation, an employment contract generator for any new contracts and a suite of employment and further health and safety policies that you can provide to your employees.

We’re here to help you get it right – sensibly, affordably, and stress-free!

Support Pricing

OfficeLabs HR offer simple and transparent pricing that can flex as your business changes.

How much does small business HR support service cost?

HR – Support service

£8 per Employee

Plus £50 flat fee, per month

  • Employment contracts and policies reviewed and tailored to your individual needs

  • Unlimited access to friendly HR experts by phone and email

  • Monthly legal updates and comprehensive management resources

Safe HR approved partner

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