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We live in a connected age, where social media is not just a frivolous way of wasting time, but a genuinely important method of communication. As a business owner, you understand the importance of communication just as we do here in OfficeLabs — that’s why we are committed to our no-jargon policy.

Stripped to its fundamentals, a business is simply a group of people working together to achieve a goal. We’re sure you’d agree that having a way for all of those people to communicate, collaborate and innovate would therefore be a useful tool. Microsoft believes that social media can achieve this too, and with Office 365 it has created Yammer for exactly this purpose. It may often be referred to as “Facebook for business”, but this does Yammer a great disservice, since it is a far more powerful and effective tool than you may realise.

When OfficeLabs implements Office 365  into your business, Yammer will be one of the tools we include. There are plenty of reasons to use Yammer, but here are the ones that are applicable to almost every business — including yours.

Yammer gives you access to everyone in your company

Believe it or not, businesses reduce communication more than they enable — sometimes deliberately, and sometimes through no fault of their own. Think about it: larger businesses often have physical barriers (such as multiple buildings, or restricted office areas) or digital barriers (such as a “no mass email” policy). If you have tens, hundreds or thousands of staff working for you, that’s a huge amount of knowledge being locked away. Yammer offers a solution by immediately connecting everybody in the business, from the newest intern to the long-serving CEO. Everyone has a voice, and can be heard.

Access means answers

If you know who to talk to, Yammer will let you contact them. In that respect it might be considered just as useful as an email or a phone call. But if you don’t know who to talk to, Yammer comes into its own. By linking everybody in the business, a simple Yammer post asking for assistance on a certain project, for instance, can reap huge rewards. Staff members you weren’t aware had skills with graphic design, spreadsheets, or the company’s CRM  have the ability to come forward and offer their help with a single reply. Communication is fluid and better still, those answers are available to everybody on the network. Which means that…

Knowledge can be absorbed faster

…and therefore new starters already have the advantage of being able to access a wealth of information on Yammer already! If you can get employees up to speed quicker, they will become productive much faster and therefore start contributing more positively to your business. If your new starters are unfamiliar with the application, OfficeLabs offers Microsoft Yammer training (amongst other services) to help you build up your Yammer network and use it more effectively from the get-go.

Yammer improves employee engagement

People want to feel needed at their place of work. Yammer offers all staff the ability to help each other, engage in projects and give them a voice. Employees who are engaged are less likely to leave your company. They’ll go the extra mile if they feel that their voice is being heard, and their input is valued. If they’re able to help on a project, or even spot a potential area of the business in which they can provide valuable expertise, and they have the means to communicate and do so through Yammer, they will feel more fulfilled. Happier staff will stay with you longer.

Improved company culture

Yammer isn’t all about business culture — like all social media, it offers the options for employees to get to know each other better, share interests and create groups (both public and private) to discuss hobbies, share upcoming events, create clubs, and so on. At OfficeLabs, we use a Yammer group for everything from arranging social events to solving technical questions as a group. Cementing that engagement both in and out of the office will bring your teams closer together. They’ll feel happier, collaborate more freely and easily, and be far more productive than companies who make it difficult for their staff to integrate.

How Can OfficeLabs Help?

We’re a big fan of Yammer at OfficeLabs, and we believe that when you book a consultation with us, our enthusiasm for both Yammer and Microsoft Office 365 as a suite will shine through. We can explain exactly how best to use it in your business, and offer tailored training and Microsoft Yammer support as part of your package. We’ll also discuss the other aspects of Microsoft Office 365 and how you can take advantage of the whole suite to drastically improve your efficiency and business revenue.

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