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Our idea management PowerApp has been developed in-house to provide a powerful and flexible tool to manage and view ideas from your team. It is fully customisable and it can be published to multiple platforms including PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

PowerApps from Microsoft allows us to rapidly build rich forms, workflows, and custom mobile apps to streamline business processes. The Idea Management PowerApp from OfficeLabs is a great example.

It can be difficult to collate and manage new ideas or questions from your workforce. We developed the Idea Management PowerApp to make it easy to add an idea or ask a question in a centralised application on your mobile phone. This PowerApp allows registered users to add an idea or ask a question, categorise it, tag it with keywords and make it available to everyone. Users can then reply or like it, which helps to build a powerful “wiki” style application for the organisation.

Key Features of our Idea Management PowerApp
  • Run the App on your iOS or Android Mobile Phone
  • Register for an account
  • Add an idea or question
  • View all ideas or questions
  • Reply or like ideas and questions
  • Categorise ideas and questions and set keywords
  • Build personal profiles as you interact with the application

Looking for a solution to manage ideas or questions from your team? Our PowerApp is cost effective and easy to deploy. Take a look at the image gallery below to view sample screens.

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