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At workshops, seminars, or even day-to-day dealings with other organisations, you have probably come across the term Information Management or Records Management. But what does it mean and how does it affect your business?

In the simplest sense, Information (and Records) Management is a blanket term encompassing all stages of the lifecycle of any given piece of data: from its creation or acquisition, through to its storage and management (including security and sharing), and ultimately its destruction when that data is no longer needed and requires deletion.

Every organisation has different business requirements, and each will be at a different stage of setting up an Information Management framework. You might be at the very beginning of your journey and simply looking at what type of repository will be best suited to handle your business documents. You might be a mature company who has a solid content management system in place but needs to understand how best to report on the data you are keeping. You may be somewhere in between – looking for a robust way to migrate data from existing network drives into the cloud or wanting to implement a process to automatically delete files that reach a certain date to comply with GDPR.

Whichever stage you are at, OfficeLabs have the expertise to offer technical support and guidance to help you create a strategy and then implement it. There are numerous different software solutions within the Microsoft 365 suite, including SharePoint, which come with full-featured functionality to help you manage your data from beginning to end.

Because each step in the Information Management cycle is technically distinct, we have broken them down to help focus on the specific area(s) you may need assistance with. These are:

  1. Discovery and Analysis
  2. Architecture
  3. Migration
  4. Compliance and Governance
  5. Reporting

Click on the above links to learn more about the Information Management solutions we can provide to your organisation at each stage. And don’t worry: if you’re not sure what you need from an Information Management framework or where to start, we can help with that as well, including licensing if you need it. OfficeLabs have 10 years of expertise to help you create an information and records management strategy and then implement it. Give us a call on 01392 240365 or fill in the Contact Us form below, and we will be happy to discuss your information management needs.

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