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It used to be the case that companies struggled to collect the data they needed in order to report effectively. But in the digital age, this is no longer the case – in fact, the reverse is true. Applications offer huge swathes of data, often too much to process. Organisations now have a different problem to tackle: information may be abundant, but insight is scarce.

Making meaningful sense of the reams of data generated each day requires powerful reporting tools, which is where Microsoft 365 comes in. Its Administration Center comes with reporting and auditing tools that span several applications including SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange and Yammer. And for more powerful and customisable reporting, Power BI offers unparalleled functionality. You can feed in data from multiple sources, including on-premises or cloud-based data from your other applications like SharePoint, or even Excel spreadsheets, CSV or XML.

For personal analysis of your employees’ day-to-day work as well as their wellbeing, Viva Insights is a tool which hooks into Microsoft Teams. It provides your staff with daily briefing emails about the day ahead, offering suggestions for focus time, and analysing the amount of time spent in meetings. Managers also get group data about employee engagement and after-hours working, which can be valuable in highlighting areas of the organisation at risk of burnout.

Accurate decision-making relies on quality data and reporting. The resulting dashboards need to be understandable at all levels of the organisation as well as being based on up-to-date modelling, otherwise you risk making decisions that could negatively impact your growth. Keeping on top of potentially worrisome trends before they become problematic will ensure a happy workforce, better retention, and a more profitable company.

OfficeLabs Client Success Story

A museum required accurate reporting of visitor metrics to influence funding decisions. Our data analysts worked with the entire process from collections, storage queries, calculations, and visualisations to produce accurate dashboards and reports on which funding decisions are made.

OfficeLabs can implement all of these reporting tools into your business, and they are included with your Microsoft 365 licence on an individual user basis. If you want to discuss the best way to report on your data and how we can help, give us a call on 01392 240365 or fill in the Contact Us form below, and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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