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Client Name: Healthcare Provider
Industry Sector: Residential Care
Location: Ireland
PC Users: 24
Smartphone Users: 122


This healthcare company provides residential care and day packages to enable people who require support with managing mental health, disability, aftercare, elderly, transitional and mainstream social care. Their programmes are built around a central philosophy, which embraces the possibilities for each person with external support agencies and local community groups to grow and foster independence. The organisation strives to enable an outcome of social interaction and purposeful contribution, celebrating the best of every person’s individual ability.

Synopsis of the requirements:

The organisation wanted to improve on their productivity, while centralising and standardising current systems. A primary objective was to enable simpler administration between the Dublin and Cork offices, prior to the migration both offices worked from different data cloud solutions. One of the primary aspects of the migration was the functions available in Microsoft 365 to assign staff tasks utilising Microsoft Planner. OfficeLabs were selected by the organisation to help facilitate the migration, due to the specialist nature of the services offered by the OfficeLabs team.

With a limited budget, initial plans with OfficeLabs were scaled down for the adoption of Microsoft 365, the final scope was to aid in the initial setup of the tenancy, import staff accounts into Azure and configure email. The organisation sought to design and build the tenancy’s Teams and SharePoint structures inhouse but had little expertise. OfficeLabs had to create simplified core training sessions to non-technical staff, with the objective of empowering them to administer their own environment. Training was simplified with bespoke Power User / Administration sessions, geared towards primary administration and best practices. User training was also supplied to office staff to facilitate a deeper understanding of the Microsoft 365 environment.


As this migration was part of a wider project, only the areas listed below were carried out by OfficeLabs:

Microsoft 365 Tenant Setup

  • Setup the 365 tenant.

Setup the Microsoft 365 structure

  • Setup 122 users with Kiosk, 18 Users with Business premium.
  • Shared details with the managers for staff – users use temp password to get into the system and then create new password and setup MFA. Each user was sent an email to their email account with their username and password and a guide on how to connect.
  • Setup MX records in DNS on the clients hosting control panel to have email routed to Microsoft Exchange.


  • Three admins were setup as Global Administrators within the tenant.
  • OfficeLabs recommended best practice structure fundamentals, showed the client how to use Microsoft 365 admin interfaces for SharePoint, Teams and the 365 admin centre. Power users were shown how to create SharePoint site’s, understand organisational sharing policies, build Teams sites, administer Teams policies, and understand permissions. This was carried out in two sessions with the three site admins, via Teams.
  • General Staff training covered the Teams interface, supplying an overview of channels, chat, meetings, and the importance of working within SharePoint navigation for file and folder administration, sharing, organising, and data recovery. Data administration via OneDrive was overviewed. The outlook experience was reviewed and the interface experience detailed. Planner was also explained in-depth as it was a primary point of interest for the organisation.
  • Q&A sessions were made available with personalised solutions supplied in relation to training content.
  • Guides were created, bespoke to the needs of the 122 staff who would be utilising the Kiosk licences on Smartphones. The login process for Microsoft 365 and configuring MFA access were outlined in detail. Guides to assist with the setup of Outlook on Android and iOS devices were supplied with an equivalent Outlook setup guide created for desktop users.

Further Information:

OfficeLabs focuses on offering the best collaboration, productivity and information management solutions so please get in touch if you have a business process problem we can solve.

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