Intranet and Document Management

Tools and Technologies

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer

CLIENT: Auriga Consulting
London, UK
CONTACT: Louise Dunne
Managing Director
Cyber security


Auriga Consulting is a centre of excellence in cyber security and trusted supplier to many high-profile government departments as well as private companies. Auriga offers a cyber protection journey and continuous monitoring and support.

The Challenges

Auriga understands the importance of securing information and as a result they had already adopted a cloud strategy for the storage and retrieval of their working documents and records that their teams use on a daily basis. They required an intranet and document storage structure that helped to make the best use of Microsoft SharePoint.

The OfficeLabs Solution

Following analysis of how the teams use their information, where and how it should be stored and what SharePoint features would provide the most effective return, we designed a data structure that labelled and stored documents based on their usage.

Our expert technical specialists built an intranet that matched the agreed specification and allowed for the efficient storage and retrieval of documents.

Alongside this project we provided training to the staff to give them the knowledge required to use and support the new intranet.

Business Benefits

Storing documents in a well-organised and structured intranet based on Microsoft SharePoint allows for all files to be tagged with relevant metadata without effort from the users. The use of metadata provides the opportunity to automatically move, retain, secure or dispose of documents with reduced manual involvement.

A structured intranet will provide your staff with the go-to location where all corporate knowledge can be accessed, while reassuring them that the information is both the most relevant and up-to-date version they need to perform their role successfully.

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