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  • Microsoft InfoPath

CLIENT: Defence Equipment and Support
INDUSTRY: Ministry of Defence


Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) is a bespoke trading entity and arm’s length body of the Ministry of Defence. They manage a vast range of complex projects to buy and support the equipment and services that the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force need to operate effectively.

The Challenges

DE&S works with complex processes and procedures in order to perform their services for the armed forces. Efficiency is key in this highly regulated and monitored environment. By adopting modern technology, they seek to reduce manual effort and increase productivity wherever possible with automation.

The OfficeLabs Solution

Our expert technical resources provided development to build and configure electronic forms and workflow that simplified usage and reduced the amount of manual effort required to complete a process.

Alongside this project we provided training to the staff to give them the knowledge required to design, build and support their own electronic forms.

Business Benefits

By moving from paper-based and manually driven processes, we reduce the complexity, time and effort to complete a process. A technology solution also reduces the chance of error when completing forms. In addition, electronic forms and workflow produces an audit report, which is essential in such a regulated environment.

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