Digitised and automated document signing

We digitised and automated a document signing process, driving productivity as well as better document management.


An IT solutions provider and their customers often want Non-Disclosure Agreements to be signed to protect them and their customers data, for example, before any solutions work commences. Historically a Word document of the agreement would be emailed to a client to print, sign, rescan and then email back for record storage. This process was painfully slow, clients struggled to return the document, which sometimes resulted in work starting before an agreement was signed.

Solution: (built using Teams, Dynamics 365 for Sales, Power Automate, and Adobe Acrobat Sign)

OfficeLabs recommended the use of Adobe Sign to support a legitimate digital signature procedure. Taking advantage of the great integration between Adobe Sign and Microsoft 365, OfficeLabs built the solution within a Microsoft Teams structure. A simple list that outlined three columns was created, requiring just the recipient and senders email addresses, and the title of the agreement. On simply entering the information a Power Automation process would be initiated that would access a prebuilt Adobe Template of the Non-Disclosure Agreement. The automation would email the Adobe templated agreement to the parties involved, all the recipients would need to do is digitally complete their preassigned sections and apply their Adobe Sign signature. The completed agreement would then be digitally available to all parties, with a PDF copy exported and saved to the Teams area for internal reference. In addition, sales people can also initiate a document signing process from within Dynamics 365 for Sales.


OfficeLabs was able to provide a solution that used Microsoft licenses already available to the client, managed within an Adobe Sign account. The solution was quick, simple, and fully digital, enabling easy adoption while improving processes and hence productivity.

We can build you any digital document solution to reduce your manual effort and improve productivity, as well as provide any Adobe Acrobat Sign licenses. Let OfficeLabs help you map your path to improved productivity – contact us today.

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