We eliminated manual processes around incident reporting, tracking and analysis.


A woodland charity needed a new process of capturing, storing, and reporting on woodland incidents. A move to the Microsoft 365 cloud platform and the deprecation of an existing SharePoint on-premises incident management solution further drove the need. Any solution would need to help in removing the reliance on manual notifications or emails and provide management with a clear overview of health and safety incidents occurring at offices and remote sites including to staff and the public.

Solution: (built using PowerApps, Power Automate, and Power BI)

We used a variety of elements across the Power Platform to create an incident management solution for the customer. A Power App was created to help staff quickly capture incidents as they occurred. A broad range of incidents were captured which encapsulated any incident which endangered an animal, a customer, or the woodland itself. The application is available via web, tablet and mobile which consists of a tabular form with required fields, with auto-population of fields such as the users name and today’s date. Dropdowns and toggles are used where possible to help guide users and speed up the process of filling in an incident. A permission trimmed gallery screen provides users a filterable list where they can view and update the items which they have created. A workflow was added to notify a specific group of users upon submission of a new incident. Users can set an incident as serious on the form which escalates the incident and notifies management. The final part of the solution was the creation of a Power BI dashboard which gave management a view of interactive visualisations to quickly provide key insights. These visualisations looked at the volume, nature and type of incidents which occurred over time across all regions.


OfficeLabs was able to provide the customer with improved productivity and health and safety compliance via a clear process for incident Management. This solution helped their employees capture incidents and notify management to offer quicker resolutions. Management was provided with valuable key metrics and visuals to help guide future resource planning and to put measures in place to stop common incidents from reoccurring in the future.

We can help you eliminate manual processes around incident reporting, tracking and analysis so you can achieve more with less. Let OfficeLabs help you map your path to improved productivity and compliance – contact us today.

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