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CLIENT: International Centre for Electronic Navigational Charts IC-ENC
CONTACT: James Harper
IC-ENC General Manager
Electronic Navigation and Safety


The International Centre for ENCs (IC-ENC) is a not-for-profit organisation which was set up in 2002 to assist Hydrographic Offices in harmonising the production and distribution of high-quality electronic navigational charts (ENC). IC-ENC is a Regional ENC Coordinating Centre, which supports the achievement of the IHO Worldwide Electronic Navigational Chart Database principles.

The Challenges

IC-ENC had a public website that needed updating in both functionality, usability and aesthetics. They also had a requirement to make a large list of chart data securely available to other Regional ENC coordination centres.

The OfficeLabs Solution

We provided a business analyst and technical specialists to work closely with the IC-ENC team to fully understand who their clients were and what their needs would be. Once the scope was agreed, we planned the implementation.

IC-ENC are always keen to embrace modern technology where appropriate. With this in mind, we designed and developed a clean and modern public-facing website using SharePoint and Office 365. This platform allows for a consistent user experience with the additional functionality of providing a secure logon for their clients.

We also used Office 365 functionality to provide a large list of constantly updated data to their regional offices.

Business Benefits

Using Office 365 provided the ideal platform for securely sharing data across multiple countries and time zones. Users required their own credentials to access the data that isn’t publicly available. By introducing this security, IC-ENC could audit who exactly was accessing which data and when.

It also introduced modern ways of working for the staff by giving them access to the content and document management capabilities in SharePoint.

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