We trained 60 staff across multiple locations to be able to create and update reports in Microsoft Power BI.

Business requirement

OfficeLabs was approached by the purchasing department of a large group of companies (The Group) to provide Power BI training courses for their staff as part of the rollout of this new reporting solution. The training was to be made available across the whole Group, but with the main effort for one of the Group’s companies (Company). With the recent rollout of Microsoft 365 across The Group coupled to some of the work carried out by OfficeLabs employees working on specific projects within the Company, it was felt that the use of Power BI as the main reporting tool for the organisation would be advantageous. It was clear that most project staff and managers working within The Group had little or no exposure to Power BI, so a plan for delivery of a comprehensive training course was developed.

How was the training delivered?

  1. Because of the restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic, the courses would have to be delivered remotely. It was also clear that remote delivery would be advantageous and cost effective, as staff were scattered across the South West of England and beyond.
  2. Each course was planned to last 3 days and was split into structured topics, so that delegates would be able to follow the logical approach of the training.
  3. Each course would have a maximum of ten delegates. This was decided to give a good number of people, able to interact, but not too many, therefore allow for questions and freedom to go off the outline to deal with specific queries.
  4. The Group staff were given access to an OfficeLabs developed app to facilitate course booking. Courses were added to the course calendar and people could book on to their preferred course dates. A total of six 3-day courses were run, training a total in excess of 60 staff.

How did the group benefit?

  1. Upskilling the workforce allowed The Group to adopt Power BI as their preferred reporting tool.
  2. Staff working for The Group are capable of creating new Power BI reports, modify their existing reports and those created by other people. Using PowerPoint, staff are able to present these reports in a polished and professional manner.
  3. Power BI gives reports a live link to the originating data, and whenever each report is viewed the data is up to date and reflected in the charts, graphs, and tables. Once created the reports only need to be refreshed to see the ‘up to the minute’ view of the current position.

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