We helped a large engineering consortium, responsible for the delivery of a major UK infrastructure project, with their collaboration and internal content publishing.

Business Problem:

The customer principally uses Microsoft Teams to collaborate with colleagues on-site and within the office. Many use the Microsoft Teams mobile application as they work remotely. The customer had an immediate requirement to ensure employees had access to companywide policies and employee information, including internal and external resources for health and wellbeing and other employee services. Microsoft Teams ‘all company’ feed was not deemed adequate for this type of information as conversations would soon become lost and there is no straightforward way to navigate around multiple topics with static links to published content.

Solution: (built using SharePoint, Teams and Viva)

An intranet was created using the Microsoft SharePoint Online modern experience site templates. The intranet incorporated a Home site with global navigation and linked operational sites that are directly managed by various departments. OfficeLabs created document libraries and curated specialised pages to dynamically surface document based content using metadata. The configuration of the intranet incorporated the Microsoft Viva Connections Teams application to surface the intranet directly into the Teams client.


The intranet is automatically surfaced within Microsoft Teams, and users no longer need to separately login to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to access information. Viva Connections delivers a seamless experience for intranet access and global navigation links, whether users are in the office using the desktop experience or on-site using the mobile experience.

Further benefits were achieved via the intranet such as news and corporate event publishing. The intranet continues to gain momentum as further departments within the business have seen the real value of the intranet and Teams integration.

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