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CLIENT: Viridor
UK wide
CONTACT: Justin Poole
Business Systems Manager
Waste management, refuse and recycling


Viridor never let ‘waste’ go to waste. Instead, they transform it into quality recycled materials and vital renewable energy. They give materials new life by producing something essential from what is discarded by others – from quality raw materials for new products, to vital energy to power our homes and our businesses.Viridor deliver some of the most advanced recycling and energy recovery facilities and social infrastructure, enabling a pioneering resource management service which knows where every last bit of material ends up. It’s smart technology, safely operated by smart people.

The Challenges

Being an enterprise organisation, Viridor has diverse teams of specialist staff who cover roles ranging from heavy machinery operators and drivers, to knowledge workers and technical experts. All of their staff have very specific technology needs.

Viridor has logistic teams across the UK who provide equipment and vehicles for the collection and management of materials. Their requirement was to have a central location for recording and reporting of performance statistics and the publishing procedural documents, guidance documents, mandatory training calendar and information on employee services.

Up to this point, all reporting was completed using a spreadsheet method that, while accurate, was time-consuming and didn’t provide real-time reporting.

The OfficeLabs Solution

Our SharePoint specialists and data analysts designed and built a reporting platform that allowed for the recording of statistics via an electronic, centrally held form and stored the results securely in SharePoint. This allowed us to build a set of reporting dashboards using the Microsoft Power BI platform.

Power BI delivers accurate and detailed reports built to your requirements and specifications giving insights into how an area of your business is performing at that time.

A central site was delivered which allowed for storage, a consistent monthly reporting platform and visual dashboards that gave key staff the information they needed to make business decisions.

Business Benefits

By having a central site with a design that allows for use by staff with different access to technology, we created a repository that is simple to use with a consistent and obvious interface that can be accessed from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Regional staff could now have a single point of reference for policy documentation, electronic forms, submitting reports and viewing data such as stock levels.

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