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When OfficeLabs sets up Microsoft 365 for your business, you’ll have access to a multitude of useful tools. One of the most underrated applications included in the productivity suite is Microsoft OneDrive for Business.
Manage, share and search with ease

OneDrive is a cloudMicrosoft OneDrive-based application which means your files are safely uploaded to the cloud, but also synchronised with a local copy on your device. If the unthinkable happens and your computer stops working, your files are safely stored online, and accessible to continue working on from a different PC. OneDrive integrates with SharePoint, meaning that moving files to your team site can be done with a couple of clicks, and they’ll also benefit from the retention policies that OfficeLabs can help you set up. Sharing is simple too – you don’t need to send multiple copies over email, just share a link to the single file within your OneDrive with anyone that needs it. And searching doesn’t just look at the name of the file – it searches within the content too. Images that have text tags will be picked up just as easily as text within a Word or Excel file.

Full integration and device synchronisation

It should come as no surprise that OneDrive integrates with all of the web-based versions of the programs you use on a daily basis including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. But OneDrive also lets you view and edit these documents even if you don’t have Microsoft 365 installed on your machine, just by visiting the OneDrive website and logging in. OfficeLabs can help you leverage these tools to take advantage of collaborative working — a combination of OneDrive and Microsoft 365 will let you co-author files simultaneously! Additionally, OneDrive will sync across all of the devices you use – whether they are phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops. You can choose which folders to upload on each device so you aren’t uploading everything all of the time and – for instance – eating up valuable phone storage. When you choose OfficeLabs to help set up Microsoft 365, we can perform a device review and make sure everything you use on a daily basis makes full use of OneDrive for Business.

Take a look at some of the case studies where OfficeLabs have rolled out OneDrive as part of a Microsoft 365 solution:

Dynamics and SharePoint Document Management Solution – OneDrive was fundamental to the success of this solution which looked at how documents were being managed in SharePoint and Dynamics. OfficeLabs built a centralised SharePoint hub with individual libraries synced to OneDrive and provided training on the link between all three applications.

UoE SharePoint Staff Portal – a staff portal was required to server 4,500 staff, and after analysis by OfficeLabs of how documents were used on a day-to-day basis, we delivered a SharePoint solution which heavily incorporated OneDrive to allow for both remote and personal working.

Microsoft 365 Training – an Irish healthcare provider needed to consolidate multiple data sources and fully utilise their investment in Microsoft 365, and OfficeLabs provided bespoke training on OneDrive and SharePoint administration as part of a larger set of deliverables.

How Can OfficeLabs Help?

These are just some of the benefits OneDrive for Business can offer your company. When you book an appointment with an OfficeLabs consultant, they will talk to you in depth about your business needs, and how best to utilise the power of Microsoft 365. Remember, OneDrive is just one tool in the suite — OfficeLabs will ensure you get the most out of each application. Making sure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible is why OfficeLabs has been chosen by both FTSE 250 companies and public sector bodies, and our no-jargon approach will let you talk to us with confidence about your requirements.

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