We created a bespoke solution and training to empower staff to better use Dynamics 365, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Business Requirement:

A business interruption consultancy client had a new Dynamics 365 installation built to manage their client claims process. The transition to Dynamics created a challenge for the staff to administer documentation now linked from Dynamics into a Microsoft 365 SharePoint site. Staff had exclusively only worked through File Explorer in information silos, the new solution was alien in format to the way staff had historically collaborated, and thus all adoption of the new process was halted. The change into Microsoft 365 with Dynamics had fragmented internal processes. The client wished to continue the experience through file explorer and looked to OfficeLabs to find a solution.

Solution: (built using, and training provided for, SharePoint and OneDrive)

OfficeLabs interviewed all staff to gather a detailed understanding of the working culture and processes and analysed the configuration of the Dynamics document management space, reviewing how the system was integrated into the companies SharePoint sites. Through analysis and communication, it became clear that training for staff in SharePoint and OneDrive was fundamental to the success of the solution. For staff who were used to working in OneDrive, OfficeLabs built a centralised SharePoint Hub, segmented into document libraries that could be individually synced to OneDrive – giving users a unified navigational interface to access documents in Dynamics. Key staff received training on how to understand the link between Dynamics and the document space in SharePoint. OneDrive was used to enable a file explorer experience, with importance directed to employing shortcut links to the document libraries driven from the SharePoint navigation interface. By focusing on understanding the culture of the business, OfficeLabs was able to mould the Microsoft 365 environment to complement the company’s methodology.


The desired business outcomes included removing information silos, employees felt empowered with the ability to navigate and now visualise a company data structure from a new single navigational point. This in turn facilitated a simplified resource sharing solution that could be used across the business. Staff training enabled a more positive approach towards the system changes. The solution was simple, complementary with the business culture and accessible to all.

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