What do OfficeLabs do?


What do OfficeLabs do and who are they

Who are OfficeLabs and what do they do?

How many times have you wondered this about a company or business?

Especially a company that doesn’t sell a physical product and who all work remotely. Here at OfficeLabs we have decided to fill in the blanks on these questions.

We provide IT services and products

In a world of ever changing and developing technologies, when every business is racing against the other to be the most productive, streamlined or innovative, it is hard to know when to ask for help and how.

This is where OfficeLabs enter.

We help businesses upgrade digitally using Microsoft tools, making things simpler and better with our customised solutions and training.

Who are OfficeLabs and what do OfficeLabs do

What does this mean for your business?

This means our team are specialists in Microsoft applications such as SharePoint, PowerApps, and Dynamics. They have the qualifications and experience to ensure their knowledge is used to drive change and innovation within businesses while maintaining a people-focused delivery.

When your business is struggling with processes such as company communication, information management, automating repetitive tasks, OfficeLabs can create custom solutions and educate your staff in how to use them effectively.

Furthermore, if you do not know where to start or maybe do not yet know the pain points, OfficeLabs will work with you to find them. We can create solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

Not just Microsoft

OfficeLabs are not just a Microsoft partner. We also partner with Gimmal, an information management specialist with a huge client base. We implement their solutions into your business and take the pressure off navigating complex processes.

What is Digital Transformation? 

In the words of Microsoft CoPilot – “Digital transformation refers to the process of integrating digital technologies into various aspects of an organization’s operations, strategies, and culture to fundamentally change how it operates and delivers value to its customers.

Delivering digital transformation is not achievable by one person.

It takes the drive of the key roles who are impacted by the change, the employees who will benefit from the changes and the right people to implement these changes. Digital transformation effects every area of a business and therefore needs to be achieved with the least disturbance and maximum effectiveness.

OfficeLabs can make your digital transformation easy. We can offer cutting-edge solutions but also ensure a smooth and supportive experience for your employees throughout the process.

What does OfficeLabs do

A little about OfficeLabs

The journey of OfficeLabs and some of our key achievements

Established in 2012 by Graham Bidwell. Graham’s journey started in an aviation software company, focused within technology for 10 years. Next, Graham specialised in SharePoint for the Home Office, before joining the newly formed Ministry of Justice in 2007 as a SharePoint specialist.

Graham later spent a few years working in the MoD before taking the huge career step into creating OfficeLabs. His years of specialist experience highlighted a gap in the technology landscape, a company dedicated to creating and implementing solutions, with software they already owned.

Through long hours, tireless energy and the drive to flourish, the OfficeLabs team has grown to host many dedicated and skilled professionals.

  • Microsoft Gold Partner status achieved

  • Microsoft Modern Workplace accreditation

  • Microsoft Adoption and Change Management accreditation achieved

  • Gimmal Records Management – Implemented for the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy for governance and information life-cycle management.

  • GPAS (General Practice Alert State) Devon LMC developed a reporting framework in response to Covid. OfficeLabs provided them with a Microsoft 365 based solution to capture, collate and report over the data. Devon Local Medical Committee wanted a mechanism to collate the data from all the participating LMCs into a ‘National GPAS report’. This was successfully developed and implemented by OfficeLabs.

  • Incident ManagementPark Developments required a portal to reduce the workload on Health & Safety teams, increase HSA regulation compliance, and have full visibility of existing incidents. OfficeLabs created a solution that utilised their Microsoft 365 tenancy with great success. OfficeLabs developed this solution internally to create an Incident Management platform available to all.

  • Teacher and Student platform – The Marine Academy required two platforms; one for students and one for the faculty. They both needed to be engaging, interactive, intuitive, and tailored to its core users. OfficeLabs developed one platform to host two different PowerApps, one for Teachers and one for Students, both with huge success. This led to a host more projects with the Ted Wragg Trust.

To conclude who are OfficeLabs

We are a Microsoft partner providing businesses with automation solutions. Supporting you with expert knowledge and training. Or to put it simply, we provide IT services and products that elevate your business.

If your business is growing, finding bottlenecks in processes, wants to adapt into the changing digital world, OfficeLabs can help. We are the digital transformation specialists, making your transformation easy.

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