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Have a read through our project case studies and find out what we deliver here at OfficeLabs.

We often get asked to explain exactly what we do at OfficeLabs. Some of the products, Microsoft solutions and services that we offer are quite technical and they need context. This is where our recent case studies come in.

If you want to discover exactly what we do and how we do it, have a read through our project case studies to find out about the challenges we help resolve and the business benefits we achieve for our clients.

One area of our expertise that we are seeing a huge amount of enquiries for is Microsoft SharePoint. We believe this is due to the rapid adoption of Office 365 in the UK by organisations of all sizes. In the past SharePoint was expensive to deploy and manage, which meant that it was primarily used by large enterprise sized organisations. With Office 365 any size of business can deploy SharePoint Online as part of an affordable monthly subscription.

At OfficeLabs we have been working with SharePoint for many years and it’s our FastTrack SharePoint product and support services that are a hot topic right now. Take a look at three of our recent case studies for Davidsons IFA, EDP Drug and Alcohol Services and Kreston Reeves to see how we have helped these organisations to rapidly deploy and support SharePoint and transform their businesses processes.

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Published On: January 25th, 2019 / Categories: OfficeLabs News Category /